V-Squared is a real estate development and construction consulting firm. We offer third-party project leadership, development management, project management and pre-construction management services.    

We ensure the success of your vision with innovative and disciplined delivery methodologies, decades of experience and end-to-end delivery.

We are an advisor, partner and a resource focused on your success.

“Best Projects” Delivery

We surpass “on time and on budget” expectations. We actively seek and deliver projects 10-15% more efficiently than traditional industry standards. We’ve developed precise metrics for maximizing the value of your project, not just at the capital budget stage, but also for long-term operating costs.

  • Methodology and service offering focused on lasting change and forward thinking that will transform our industry and change how we deliver projects
  • Integrates a holistic, systematic, knowledge-infused process designed to eliminate risk at each stage of a project
  • Find value and efficiency throughout the supply chain in alignment with local and global expectations
Project Leadership

Strong leadership and knowledge deliver successful project outcomes.

Decades of knowledge and experience ensure your project is delivered successfully. We use a disciplined approach to secure flawless delivery and prevent delays. Our progress and reporting tools provide instant insight to the key performance indicators, allowing us to take corrective action quickly when necessary.

  • Senior, experienced leaders provide advice and drive process
  • Best-practice concepts and a disciplined approach so your project team can focus on achieving outcomes in the most efficient way possible
  • Ongoing reporting to owners to demonstrate momentum and return on investment
  • Senior partners available for questions and support at every step of the process
Project Advisory Services

We understand the complex nature of real estate developments in the current market. Construction infrastructure projects are influenced by a variety of factors, often internal and external to the organization and the project team. We advise and lead a strategic project planning process on behalf of our clients that significantly increases the probability of success from day one.

Our “Best Projects” approach will lead the team through a specific, systematic process of questions to develop a clear objective to establish an alignment of the project with all organizational and environmental constraints. 

Our advisory services consist of the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Alignment
  • Project Readiness
  • Procurement Services
Value Management Services

Value management is one of the most powerful tools we can utilize to plan, develop, align and deliver projects more successfully. We developed a fully integrated value-management system and embedded it throughout our traditional service offerings to fully align project constraints with project objectives and to continuously improve value throughout the project. To us, value management is as much a culture as it is a skillset or a knowledge set.

It’s a continuous process focused on delivering value for money to our clients and ultimately to the entire team. Creating a culture of trust, common language and collaboration in the project allows us to create efficiency and find better solutions to achieve project functions and objectives. Efficiency and value through the ecosystem create success for all partners, generating trust and resolving many of the root causes of project failure.

Strategic Pre-construction Project Planning

We’re having educational conversations with our clients that few others in the industry offer. Our team collaborates with your subject-matter experts to understand your goals and challenges, and design a step-by-step process to complete your project. We provide a plan that includes:

  • A business case for the project
  • Goals and objectives
  • Key stakeholders and interests
  • Liabilities and risk analysis
  • Organizational and environmental constraints
  • Project costing
  • Scheduling
  • Options
  • Value
  • Procurement and contracting
Project Risk Management Services

We provide a holistic and all-encompassing risk service. This information is processed, refined, detailed and proactively managed throughout project delivery. Risk in construction is represented in each decision we make for the project and both experience and knowledge is required to process these decisions and to advise the project team.

Our best defense against risk is knowledge and this knowledge should be applied from the earliest stage of each project. Our multidisciplinary experience and vast background allow us to lead our teams through an extensive risk process at each phase of the project.

Technology Advisory Services

We are actively engaged in the ongoing work to improve building performance through the use of next generation technology. This includes IOT (Internet of Things), smart sensing, machine learning and the development of automated and predictive behavioral tools. To fully maximize the long-term health benefits, operational efficiencies and energy management savings of these technologies requires their use be included in early stage building design discussions. V-Squared Consulting is available to discuss the benefits of these technological advancements and support you in the development of your current and future construction projects or existing infrastructure.

Innovation and Sustainability

We strive to challenge all aspects of our project delivery cycle, from business case development to final project closeout and operations to find solutions to be better, faster, more efficient and cost effective.

We work with post-secondaries on initiatives related to zero waste, circular economies, lean construction, modularization, prefabrication, smart building systems and alternative energy.

Project Delivery

We’ll be the expertise you need without requiring long-term employment. As project costing, change management and risk managers, we do not sit on the sideline. We are actively engaged each day to ensure the entire project team is held accountable to project delivery objectives. A delivered project includes planning, procurement, design, construction, risk management, staffing, innovation, coordination and delivery.

We help you navigate staffing shortages by ensuring we have the team members you need when you need them at the best rates. Extend your capacity by outsourcing project planning, execution and monitoring.

  • Assemble and direct project team
  • Mitigate barriers
  • Ensure accountability
  • Systematic, disciplined process that ensures collaboration and achieves costs savings
  • Deliver a complete and efficient project
Project Management Offices and Construction Management Offices

We have extensive experience in the evaluation, development, and implementation of project management offices (PMOs) and construction management offices (CMOs) with associated cultures, structures, policies, procedures and processes.

Our Organizational Project Development service is a unique offering that allows our team to complete a non-biased, external review of an organization's project delivery culture, knowledgebase, policies and systems. We have developed a structured approach to the review and categorization of project organizations and can implement a range of tools to make ongoing adjustments without impacting existing business functions. These tools could be simple development and education tools to elevate the level of existing resources or more advanced with complete process and structural redevelopment that will fundamentally change how project success will be achieved.

We provide ongoing expertise, support and advice to organizations who prefer not to hire and manage a construction development team. We guide standardization, practices, procurement and opportunities for efficiency and innovation.

Industry Education

Investment in construction education and literacy is key to meeting the future demands on our industry. We provide educational and information sessions about innovative steps your team can take to ensure flawless project delivery, increased efficiency and elevated credibility.

These sessions focus on the fundamental makeup of our ecosystem, the way it is structured, how it functions today, and how we can improve. We coach your team to align project constraints with project objectives and to continuously improve value throughout the project.


  • Factors and trends that are transforming the industry
  • Updates on risks and liabilities facing project owners
  • Enhance the knowledge of your team on the factors impacting current and future projects
  • Create opportunities for your team to develop advanced designs for sustainable building services to deliver healthy, energy efficient and environmentally responsible buildings
  • Integrate technology tools in project design, delivery and building operations
  • Contain, control and reduce your construction budgets to get you the best value for your dollars
  • Better manage your risks and liabilities
  • Improve team satisfaction and collaboration
  • Reduce project costs while maximizing value

Our Goal

To reduce capital construction and building operating costs by 20% by 2025.

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