Who We Are

The V-Squared consulting team has decades of experience globally and locally in commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects. We are a responsive, innovative, hands-on management team fully dedicated to your project, goals and business outcomes. It’s our role to meet your organization’s standards for trust, transparency, efficiency and accuracy. 

Our Team

Marius Veldtman

Founding Principal & Managing Partner
Marius Veldtman

Marius has more than 20 years experience as a trusted advisor, project delivery expert and innovative leader in the construction industry.

He is an experienced owner’s representative, project and design management, construction operations management and on-site execution. His diverse background includes a vast range of international and Canadian projects in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors.

As a business strategist, he provides significant value to his clients by continuously challenging the status quo, driving creativity, innovation, and forward thinking to achieve “best project” outcomes. Marius is actively engaged in the industry disruption and change that is required to create a sustainable and healthy industry for future generations.

Stefan van den Berg

Founding Principal & Managing Partner

Stefan is a well-rounded construction professional with more than 20 years of local and international experience in the construction industry, and as an owner’s representative.

His key focus is on supply chain integration, value management, pre-construction services and cost modeling.

As an innovator with a significant network throughout the construction supply chain, he is passionate about driving value in early project development and finding creative solutions to project delivery constraints. Stefan excels in complex project environments where creative and innovative thinking is required to solve complex project challenges.

Advancing the Industry

Traditionally, our industry is inefficient and adversarial. Our clients tell us they can no longer afford to fail, and our ecosystem partners tell us they can no longer run sustainable businesses based on the risk and reward profile of Canadian construction projects. Fundamental breakdowns in our project delivery and mistrust results in record levels of failure, and slow innovation adoption puts our local industry at risk against global competitors.

We are focused on addressing the performance challenges in current construction project delivery and using innovative methodologies to deliver excellence. We’re leading the industry in influencing change, challenging the status quo and developing solutions to meet modern and future demands. We’re actively seeking ways to collaborate with industry partners.

We exist to help organizations get better at what they do by providing professional development and knowledge. We offer tailored education sessions to share insights on emerging industry trends designed to transform project, construction and development techniques.

Our Goal

To reduce capital construction and building operating costs by 20% by 2025.

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