Who We Are

V-SQUARED Consulting is a Construction Consulting firm with service offerings specifically focused on addressing current construction project delivery and performance challenges. We provide a trusted and holistic Cradle to Cradle “Best Projects” service to construction owners and the construction industry by infusing knowledge, forward thinking and innovation at all levels to change performance and deliver efficient, sustainable project success for all.

We are change and thought leaders in Canadian construction methodology, project leadership, delivery and construction innovation. We challenge the status quo and act as an industry leader to influence change and develop solutions to meet new market demands. We act as a collaborative link between industry partners to create a sustainable and healthy construction ecosystem by removing barriers, infuse literacy, diminish risk and increase efficiencies throughout the value chain.

Our brought range of services combines traditional project advisory and delivery services with in depth construction and business knowledge to uniquely structure and align projects and project delivery systems to eliminate project risk, create value and increase efficiency in an open, fair and collaborative way.       

Our Team

Marius Veldtman

Founding Principal & Managing Partner
Marius Veldtman

Marius has been a trusted advisor, project delivery expert and innovative leader in the construction industry for more than 23 years.

As founding principal and managing partner, his divers background includes a vast range of International and Canadian based projects in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors.

As an executive leader acting in all areas of owner’s representation, project and design management to construction operations management and on-site execution; Marius fully comprehend the local construction environment, the risks, opportunities and market conditions and his holistic view of the industry allow him to uniquely guide his teams to create success in all aspects of project delivery.  

As a business strategist he provides significant value to his clients by continuously challenging the statuesque, driving creativity, innovation, and forward thinking.

As an industry advocate and thought change leader, Marius is actively engaged in industry disruption and change that is required to create a sustainable and healthy industry for future generations.  

Stefan Van den Berg

Founding Principal & Managing Partner

Stefan is a well-rounded construction professional with more than 16 years of local and international experience in the construction industry.

As co-founding Principal and Managing Partner his skills and experience complement those of Marius and his key focus is on Supply Chain Integration, Value Management, Pre-Construction Services and cost modeling.

As an innovator with a significant network throughout the construction supply chain, he is passionate about driving value throughout early project development and finding creative solutions to project delivery constraints. As a gifted and highly successful Pre-Construction and Project Costing professional, Stefan excels in complex project environments where creative and innovative thinking is required to solve complex project challenges. 

The Beginning

V-SQUARED Consulting Ltd. was established by founding Principals Marius Veldtman and Stefan Van den Berg in 2018. Our research and personal past experiences have shown that as an industry we simply do not deliver. We are inefficient, we are adversarial and as an ecosystem we have little to no trust. Our clients told us they can no longer afford to fail, and our ecosystem partners have told us they can no longer run sustainable businesses based on the risk and reward profile of Canadian based construction projects.

Fundamental breakdowns in our project delivery ecosystems, distrust and fear of change is resulting in failure at record levels. Slow adoption hampers innovation that is leaving Canadian construction solutions falling short. Poor local performance combined with global, economic, political and environmental pressures put local ecosystems at risk of major failure or loss of market position against global competitors.

To shift this we developed a mindset, delivery methodology and a service offering focused on lasting change and forward thinking that will transform our industry and change how we deliver projects.

V-SQUARED Consulting developed our “Best Projects” philosophy and delivery system based on a holistic, systematic, knowledge infused process focused on eliminating risk at each stage of a project and to find value and efficiency throughout the chain in complete alignment with local and global expectations.

Our services can be delivered as a single service, a group or a complete offering. They are highly unique in the sense of consulting services that span from concept development and planning through building operations and management.

From trusted adviser to, in debt project development or operational management, our team and our collaborative partners are leading the industry in change and innovative thinking. It is this core focus that allow us to better deliver more efficient projects, develop better solutions and simply build a sustainable future for our industry and our clients.

Our service offering consists of the following:

  1. Construction education and literacy
  2. Project Advisory Services
  3. Integrated Design and Construction Management Services
  4. Organizational Project Development Services
  5. Value Management Services
  6. Risk Management Services
  7. Project Delivery Services
  8. Operational Advisory Services
  9. Innovation, Technology and Sustainability

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